Charlies Rose Show with Steve Woz

[Picture: Steve Woz & Steve Jobs @ 1976, founders of Apple Inc.]

I just found that Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak, a.k.a Woz, is one of the co-founder of Apple Inc.) gets interviewed by Charlie Rose . I love watching Charlies Rose’s show. He is a great anchor and I love his questions which is quite tactic and clever. The guests from his show including great scientists, well-known Sillicon Valley Startup founders, chief executives from global firms etc. Some of the shows are available for download @ Google videos. (Click here for the Youtube cofounder interview @ segment 3 of the show. )

P.S. Charlies Rose 曾經訪問過 Youtube 的兩個創辦人,就是Chad Hurley 和 Steve Chen。原來 Youtube 也是由 Garage 開始。他們做 Youtube 是因為想和朋友 share 開 party 的 videos,但那時真的太多 videos 格式,於是他們就做了一個平台 Youtube。而朋友就把這個平台介紹給朋友了朋友,於是現在全世界的人也用 Youtube (不是很 tipping point 的例子了嗎 ?) 。

不知道這是 American Dream 或是 Silicon Valley 神話 ?

1) Bill Hewlett* 和 Dave Packard* 在 Garage 做了 計數機, 創辦了 HP。
2) Steve Jobs* 和 Steve Woz* 在 Garage 做了 Apple I 及 II,創辦了 Apple。
3) Larry Page* 與 Sergey Brin* 在 Garage 做了Google search engine,創辦了 Google。
4) Chad Hurley* 和 Steve Chen* 也在 Garage 做了 Youtube,創辦了 Youtube。
[* =  founder(s)]

把 (1) + (2)+ (3) +(4) 就是 formula (a); 而 (1) + (3) 就是 formula (b)

(a) 2 friends + Garage + 1 significant invention = Startups ~ Inc
(b) 2 friends + Standford graduates + 1 significant invention = Startups ~ Inc


Steve Woz on Charlie Rose Part I @ 2006

Steve Woz on Charlie Rose Part II @ 2006



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