Joy of Tech Comic featuring in Blog at Japan

Now, you can read Joy of Tech comic in Japanese as well. Visit maclalalawebblog .

So cool ! My blog is mentioned as well (see below). My friend who knows Japanese told me that I was regarded as a Korean translator who do Chinese translation. LOL! Maybe it’s because of my Korean blog title. I love Korean stuff but I am a Chinese. ^_^

Joy of Tech 也有日文版 (maclalalawebblog )! So cool! 我的 blog 也有被提及(看下圖)。可能是我的 Blog 上的韓文標題關係,我被認為是韓國的中文翻譯員! ^_^ 

(via maclalalawebblog)



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I love Tech! I love design! I love inspirational speeches! I love all the beautiful and chic stuff...

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