Dirty Dancing gets Rereleased in Movie Theaters For 20th Anniversary

(via slashfilm)

Lionsgate is celebrating the 20th anniversary (God, are we that old?) of Dirty Dancing by rereleasing the film in over 300 movie theaters for a special two night engagement. Dirty Dancing is a 1987 Classic , and also Classics of all the movies about dancing…This exclusive two-night-only event will be presented in over 300 AMC and Regal Entertainment Group movie theatres across the United States… more

Dirty Dancing 原來已經 20 週年了,這是跳舞電影的經典。這是 1987 年的電影,在 HMV 買回來的 DVD,到現在仍是百看不厭。可惜未能在大銀幕回味這些經典的電影! 真的很懷念舊時! 我真的老了! LOL!

What about the story? Dirty Dancing is the story of a naïve girl who meets an experienced dance instructor and becomes his pupil in dance and love. It’s an Oscar®-winning film. OK, Hong Kong  is not going to show it in threatre anyway. Luckily, I have already bought a DVD copy from HMV long time ago. But I always want to watch these classics at the big screen in the cinema. Really miss the old days! Am I that old ? LOL!

Enjoy the Dirty Dancing dance video below.

(Click to View the Trailer)



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