Join now! Bjork announces music video competition


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Bjork 邀請她的 fans 為她的新歌製作 music video,你有興趣參加嗎? Check it out!

Bjork is going to release his new album “Volta” in U.S. on May 8. Bjork is inviting her fans to direct their own music video for the innocent track off the upcoming album. But the video needs to be ready at the beginning of August. Bjork will choose the winner and collaborate with the winner to complete the video. You must submit the video in a resonable sized quicktime format at the beginning of July. Download the creative tools in the link above. It is not necessary to use them, you can create your own.


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3 thoughts on “Join now! Bjork announces music video competition”

  1. Yeah, Bjork’s having a contest for the video, but, the madwebcarpenters, the people preparing the competition have moved the date up to June 10th. First, they said August. Then, they said the first week of July. Now, four days ago, they announced that it’s going to be pushed even further up to June 10th. What kind of a competition is this? Don’t Bjork’s people know that legit productions (even small ones) require some time to complete? Obviously, they don’t take fans seriously enough to treat them with a little bit of professionalism. My son spent much time and money since April just to find out recently that all his effort was in vain. How can you change the deadline just ten days before and expect everyone to comply? Bjork will definitely lose fans because of this. At least from participants like my son.

  2. Oh, my God. You’re so right. I was SO PISSED to hear about that. I thought competitions arranged by major labels would be pretty legit, but this one really pissed me off. I was helping my friend with photoshop for his project, but he quit just yesterday cause of the deadline change. I heard from a friend that the change was because BJORK wanted it earlier due to her schedule. But, if she cared about fans putting all that time and effort for her, how could she change the deadline like that?

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