Make the Difference! Design can Change the World!


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作為設計師,你設計的東西影與我們的生活有密切關係,請支持 “Design can change” pledge。當你設計時,鼓勵 “sustainable industry practices”及環保的設計,由今天開始為地球做多一點!

I fully support this initiative. You can do it too! As a designer, what you do is important which can make the difference! Please let designers around you know this initiative and pledge. Do more for our environment now!

Design can change is an effort to bring together the world’s graphic design community to address the issues surrounding climate change.

Designers craft much of the world’s products/media and as such are well positioned to build awareness around this issue while encouraging more sustainable industry practices.”

— Transcript of presentation by Susan Szenasy who is editor of Metropolis mag, while addressing the AIGA 2003 crowd of designers. She had some pretty strong words for us backed up with solid facts.

“But I say that you—collectively, as graphic designers—are starting other fires, metaphorically speaking… You are responsible for helping to create 40% of North America’s solid waste; paper accounts for 81 million tons of waste annually..

Furthermore, the pulp and paper industry is the third largest industrial buyer of elemental chlorine. Chlorine is used to whiten paper, a process which is linked to a proven cancer-causing chemical called dioxin.”


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