Microsoft Surface


微軟剛發表了一種新科技,名為”Surface“,看看官方的短片你使可知道更多。 真的可以推出或普及嗎? 那要恜目以待。

Is it because Bill Gates steps down from the full time role? Or the change of technology? Competitiveness between sliverlight and Flex/Apollo?  Or the advance developme of Flash? Or the return and the success of Apple/Mac/iPod? It seems that Microsoft became more visual and multimedia-fous than before.

Microsoft just introduced a new technology category and a user-interface revolution called “Surface“. Take a look at the official flash video and you will know more. Video speaks louder than words. But is it deliverable? We will know later.

My favourite scene inside the video is that you put a glass on “Surface” and there is words and bubbles around…..LOL!

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Digg Lab launched Digg Arc


I really love visual stuff. Digg Lab just launched  a new animation, Digg Arc, which dynamic and with very cool interface. Take a lot. And  Intel became their first partner in Labs, who also provide help to the stamen design and develop Arc.

Infographic earth guide


[via information aesthetics ]

瀏覽 Earth Guide ,Earth Guide 的精美動畫給你更多關於我們居住地 – 地球的資訊!

If you want to know more about our Earth, visit Earth Guide. It is a website created by the Japan Science and Technology Agency which contains a collection of “moving diagrams” that illustrate basic planetary science & geographic related data, aiming to solve curious questions such as “where is the earth located?”, “how is the earth different from other planets?”, “where does the sky become space?”, or “how big are the oceans?”.