16 Best Dance Movies (1977-2007)

我最喜愛的 16 套跳舞電影 ! 如你喜歡跳舞,不要錯過以下的任何一套!

They are my 16 favourite dance movies. I think they are the best dance movies  from 1977 to 2007, which are not only about dancing, but love, honor and dream! If you love dancing, don’t miss any one of them.

1977 – Saturday Night Fever (Disco)
1983 – Flashdance (Jazz)
1985 – White Nights (Tap/Ballet)
1987 – Dirty Dancing (Ballroom)
1993 – Strictly Ballroom (Ballroom)
1996 – Shall We Dansu (Ballroom)
1998 – Tango Del Atardecer (Tango)
2000 – Billy Elliot (Ballet)
2000 – Center Stage (Ballet)
2001 – Moulin Rouge (Broadway/Musical)
2002 – Chicago (Broadway/Tango/Musical)
2003 – Honey (Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop)
2004 – Shall We Dance (Ballroom)
2004 – Dirty Dancing Havana Night (Ballroom)
2004 – You Got Served (Hip Hop)
2007 – Stomp the Yard (Hip Hop)

Saturday Night Fever Dance Scene

White Nights Opening from Mikhail Baryshnikov

Strictly Ballroom MV

Tango Del Atardecer

Billy Elliot Trailer

CenterStage – Final Dance Scene

Moulin Rouge Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink – Lady Marmalade

Chicago Cell Block Tango

Honey – Jessica Alba Dancing

Shall we Dance – Tango

You Got Served – Movie Trailer

Stomp The Yard Trailer


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One thought on “16 Best Dance Movies (1977-2007)”

  1. i just saw there is a center stage sequel dvd on sale…don’t know if it’s any good…but, so funny, the description says there is a combination of hip hop and ballet, so much like step up!

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