JoyofTech Comic – Issue 964b(English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese)

English Original (via )
~ Thanks Snaggy, let me translate the JoT~


Traditional Chinese Version – 繁體中文 (translated by Uta)


Simplified Chinese Version – 简体中文  (translated by Uta)



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Uta Lam

I love Tech! I love design! I love inspirational speeches! I love all the beautiful and chic stuff...

One thought on “JoyofTech Comic – Issue 964b(English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese)”

  1. breeding = 繁殖下一代, 即是說他們「溝唔到女」…你以’後繼無人’來翻譯就看來太正常, 太有禮貌了。可直譯「繁殖」或其他更露骨字眼。

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