Jobs & Gates’s historical moment at the “D Conference”


隨了看 Mac 廣告,真正的 Steve Jobs 和 Billy Gates 同台,可以被形容為一個歷史性的場面。是真的,他們一起出席 D: All Thing Digital Conference,並沒有唇槍舌劍,卻是分享了電腦發展的感受。相信這定是本星期最熱門的科技/電腦界新聞之一。請勿錯過 Engadget 訪問他們的 video。

You are not watching “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” advertisement. The real Jobs and Gates are finally together at the stage for the “D: All Things Digital Conference”. This should be one of the hottest news this week.

P.S. Scoble said “I love how Bill Gates started it out: “First, I want to clarify, I’m NOT Fake Steve Jobs.””. Yea, that’s a very funny moment. Just found that Bill Gates can be that humourous.

Read more @ maclalaweblog 
Watch the video @ Engadget


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