An Impossible Dream – Ratatouille

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切勿錯過 “Ratatouille“,必看的動畫電影! 很喜歡故事的主題,就是一隻老鼠的 “Impossible dream”。老鼠本是廚師/廚房最可怕的敵人,但他卻夢想成為一個出色的法國廚師,他能夠成功?看看就知! 是 Disney 和 Pixar 合作的作品,還有 The Incredibles 的 Director,必定很富娛樂性。不知香港幾時上映呢? 暫時欣賞一下它的 Concept Arts Fun Facts!  記住看最下的 video,還有官方網頁!

Oh! What is “Ratatouille“(rat-a-too-ee)? It’s a French vegetable stew. The movie is about an impossible dream of a rat – to become a French chef. You should never miss this movie, a production from Disney+Pixar with the director of The Incredibles. The website is fun! I love all the concept art  too. Remember to watch the trailor and production videos at the bottom!

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9-Minute Preview of Pixar’s RATATOUILLE!

Disney Channel Ratatouille Sneak Peek

Ratatouille Rough Animation Test: Emile’s Magic Trick 


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