JoyofTech Comic – Issue 986(English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese)

English Original (via )
~ Thanks Snaggy, let me translate the JoT~


Traditional Chinese Version – 繁體中文 (translated by Uta)


Simplified Chinese Version – 简体中文  (translated by Uta)




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Uta Lam

I love Tech! I love design! I love inspirational speeches! I love all the beautiful and chic stuff...

One thought on “JoyofTech Comic – Issue 986(English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese)”

  1. what? They asked how much I said 329, they all said WHAT? an iPad at 29, I gotta go to the Apple store. Fold don’t look at us and the financial media, I bet only 1 out of 1M average Joe out there knows about iPad mini so far, As they see the ads and see it in use and at the store, this product changes the future of iPad for Apple. And at 43% for the lowest model, Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank at critics after this holiday season.

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