Make My Logo Bigger Cream

[via MakeMyLogoBiggerCream ]

一直想想分享這段有趣的廣告片! 如你是設計師,你一定會愛死這後片。若你是那一個想把你的 Logo 變大一點的人,請立即購買此產品!

Yes, as a designer, it is very easy for us to make clients’ LOGO bigger, but then it is not our professional any more. IF you are a designer, you will definitely love this crazy funny advertisement. 

NOT a designer? You even make this request before? Don’t worry, you will see the reason why it is being rejected. If you don’t understand after all, then you need to pay for the cream right away in order to change your design! To be BIG is very easy!!!!! LOL!


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Uta Lam

I love Tech! I love design! I love inspirational speeches! I love all the beautiful and chic stuff...

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