If you’re over 35, do you have a clue? – Kathy Sierra (Chinese ver.)

This is the third translated post of Kathy Sierra. Maybe it’s because I am getting old now. So do I have a clue what are the kids/teens doing ? Hmmm….. HALO ? Crysis with GeForce8800GTS? Faceboooking ? : P

There are no Wii, XboX, NDS and PSP in 2004. Now Wii is everywhere and a bit hit! PSP become guys’ social gathering activities. That’s the “the gamer generation” mentioned by Kathy Sierra. We can see GALS playing NDS all around MTR subway. Before people even stereotyped Gals won’t interested in playing games. You know primary school kids can get access to their favorite Online game in a minute. Our kids are in “a much greater visual sensitivity/sensibility”.  Yea, Youtube/MTV is successful because it’s all about visual. That is the reason why the studies of attention span is much shorter towards class. This “Gamer” sensitivity/sensibility in fact are related to our “brain”! That’s why Game turn on teens (the Generation Y ). That’s why internet/social network(facebook,twitter etc.)/blogging turn us on. So, some of the Kathy’s 2004 Questions may not be applied now but you can still see insightful ideas there! [- uta]

If you’re over 35, do you have a clue?

via Creating Passionate Users Dec 24, 2004
(translated by Uta, special thanks to StephenH for reading and editing the draft)

How well do you know your younger audience? If you’re under 35, perhaps pretty well. You share a common trait–having grown up in a world where video games are pervasive. If you’re over 35, though, it gets tricky. (And of course those aren’t hard boundaries, but they’re a good starting point.) If you’re over 35, and you do ANYTHING that could possibly be related to those *under* 35, you might want to make reading Got Game a new year’s resolution.

你對你的年輕朋友了解有多少? 如果你是35歲以下的話,可能還好,因為大家都有一個共同的特點 – 就是在這樣一個電子遊戲無孔不入的世界長大。但如果你是35歲以上的話,這便比較棘手了。(當然這並不是一條絕對界線,但卻是個不錯的起點。)如果你已年過 35,並且在做著“任何” 與 35歲*以下*人士有關的事情,那麼閱讀 Got Game 或會是你在新的一年裡決心要完成的事。

The main thrust of the book is the ways in which those *not* of the gamer generation tend to GREATLY underestimate the size and impact of the gamers. You might not agree with all of their conclusions, but it’s a fascinating book, and one that some of our over-35 editors have read and finally said, “Oh! I get it now!” about our books.

該書力推這些*不是*電子遊戲世代的人往往”嚴重”低估了遊戲玩家的規模和影響力。你也許不同意他們的所有結論,但它確是一本很吸引人的書籍。是一本令到我們一些超過35 歲的編者閱畢後,最終會對著我們的書大叫 “哦!我終於明白了!” 。

Here’s our own little quiz to see if you still have a clue : ) (just answer a simple yes or no to each) 以下是我們的一個小型問答遊戲,看你是否還有一點頭緒: ) (每題只回答一個簡單的是或否)1) Do you know that “scratching” (the art known by many as “turntabilism”) is to today’s high schoolers what taking up the guitar was 20 years ago? That to a teenager, it’s just another musical instrument (albeit a really cool one)? You’re almost as likely today to find a group of college kids getting together to jam with their turntables and mixers as with their guitars and drums. Do you know the difference between rap and hip-hop?
1 )你知道”捽碟”(一門被很多人視為” turntabilism” 的藝術) 對於今天的高中生來說,就像是20年前拿起吉他一樣嗎?對於一個青少年,這不過是另一種樂器(儘管是真正酷的一種) 。你到大學幾乎一定會找到一群大學生聚在一起,以唱機轉盤和混音器,還有他們的吉他和鼓演奏著即興音樂。你又知不知道 Rap 和 Hip Hop 的分別嗎?
2) Are you aware that knitting is considered hip?
2 )你是否知道編織被認為是潮流的玩意嗎?
3) Have you visited an Urban Outfitters store, or read the magazine “Ready Made” in the last six to nine months?
3 )你有去過如 Urban Outfitters 的潮流時裝店嗎?或者有沒有在過去的6到9個月內閱讀過”Ready Made”雜誌?

4) Have you visited the pop culture section of a Virgin Megastore in the last six to nine months?
4 )你有沒有在過去6至9個月到過 Virgin Megastore的流行文化部?

5) Do you know that today’s high school graduate is unlikely to fully understand the phrase, “into computers”? (Because for most, that’s not very different from saying, “into telephones”. In other words, the computer is simply a tool/appliance that everyone just HAS as a part of their life. You use it to do the other things you ARE into… chatting, blogging, creating digital music and videos, etc.)
5 )你知不知道今天的高中畢業生未必能夠完全理解這句話, “給電腦迷住了” ? (因為對大部份人來說,這與 “給電話迷住了”並無分別 。換言之,電腦不過是一種工具/設備,每個人都視作他們生活的必要部分,我們用它做一些會令人著迷的事…例如聊天,博客,製作電子音樂及影片等)

6) Do you know that many high schools in the US teach video editing? Some even using the same tools (Final Cut) used to edit Oscar-winning films like Cold Mountain? Do you know that most high schoolers can name more film directors than their parents can?
6 )你知道社會上有很多高中生,在美國教授視頻編輯嗎?有的甚至使用曾用來編輯奧斯卡獲獎影片Cold Mountain的相同的軟件(Final Cut)嗎? 你知不知道,大部分高中生比他們的父母知道得更多電影導演的名字嗎?

7) Do you know that even kids who do NOT play video games are still affected by the culture of the gamer generation?

8) Do you know that the typical high schooler has a much greater visual sensitivity/sensibility than high schoolers of even 15 years ago? (For example, do you know that some of the best graphic art today is found on the back of skateboards and snowboards?)
8)你知不知道現在一般的高中生都比15年前的那一代高中生有更大的視覺靈敏度/敏銳度? (舉例來說,你知不知道今天在滑板和滑雪板的背面可以找到最好的平面美術圖? )

9) Related to #8, did you know Spike Jonze started his filmmaking career making skateboard movies? And that Spike Jonze co-founded “Girl Skateboards”? Do you know who Spike Jonze IS?
9)有關#8 ,你知道 Spike Jonze的電影生涯,是從滑板電影開始嗎?知道 Spike Jonze與人共同創辦了”Girl Skateboards” 了嗎?你知不知道誰是 Spike Jonze ?

10) Did you know that the coolest Christmas tree you can have right now is… retro aluminum? (And that having a *real* tree is definitely Not Cool, unless you keep it alive by planting it).
10) 你知道你可以擁有最酷的聖誕樹,是… Retro 風格的鋁樹嗎? (擁有一棵*真正*的樹是絕對*不酷*的事,,除非你打算繼續種植它) 。

If you cannot answer “yes” to most of these, you can start by taking action on #3 and #4. And if your local high school has a video editing class, see if they’ll let you sit in one afternoon. These are not your father’s “home movies”.

如果你對於大部份的問題都不能回答”是”,那你就可以開始對#和#採取行動了。如果你所居住的地方有一些高中生教授的影片編輯課程,你也可以嘗試去旁聽一個下午。你會發現,這並不是如你父親的”家庭電影”一般 。

And if you’re interested in renting out some extremely hip teens (although if you’re caught *referring* to them as hip then you OBVIOUSLY don’t get it, they’ll be quick to tell you), I have a couple I’ll be happy to send your way. No charge. They’ll reveal their Big Secrets like, “Why I took a photo of a drunk sock monkey

如果你有興趣租用了一些極受青少年歡迎的東西(儘管你可能被發現只是想扮作入流而尋找那些潮流玩意,那即是說你並不明白我剛才說話的意思,但他們很快便會告訴你的),我也有一些並很樂意與你分享,是絕不收費的。他們將揭露他們的大秘密,例如: “為什麼我的照片像個帶上襪子的醉猴”?


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