Jonathan Ive TV interview


Yes, Johnathan Ive  is rarely interviewed. Apart from the interview by Independent I translated earlier, below is another  TV interview of his.

Another recent appearance in tv is in the latest “Apple MacBook Video with Apple Design Team”(with Japanese subtitles) @ 2008 OCT, sharing the whole apple design team’s design philosophy.

Not only Johnathan(Senior Vice President Design), now you have a chance to meet the other design team members including Dan Ricco(Vice President Product Design), Bob Mansfield(Senior Vice President Mac Hardware). You are going to experience the beautiful process of new macbook production process.

(P.S. I like they feature “IRONMAN” when they explain the vivid display of LED at the new macbook. IRONMAN is one of my favorite movie!)

In the interview, Johnathan illustrated the first time he used old Mac as a student. Nobody was helping him but He was never ever use any instruction book but just could use the product right away. 

Then he was asked about the design of iMac. Jonathan knew that a lot of people at that time were nervous about computer and technology, so their goal is how to make the product more accessible and simple to use.

The inspiration of another version of iMac released in 2002 was found in the garden, which is “flower”.


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