Vanessa Williams Talks About Ugly Betty season 4


It’s the ““The Butterfly Effect” – a superb beginning of the show after a very disappointing season 3. Read the ugly betty news recap, I totally agree with its highlight and quick thought.

Yea, following the show, it’s growing up, so do I. A quite an unease feeling from me in the very first part of the show, I felt dread and lousy, esp. the conflicts, the change and the unsettle hatred between the core characters. But as Daniel told Betty that Betty is still Betty but she did change which we never can expect things go back to the past. I just had the similar feeling in the reality Me lately.

Anyway, my favorite scenes are:  the birth of the butterfly at Olivia’s house, Daniel’s punch to Matt and the transformation from Betty’s assistant of Daniel to friend of Daniel.

You know, I don’t really like villain in tv drama. Recently, I kinda like Venessa Wililam, she is just a great actress and you just cannot keep your eye off her. And the more I understand the world, the more I understand “villain”.

Enjoy the Venessa’s short talk about the new season. And Connor is coming back, LOL! He is quite charming, esp. I like his accent…