The Past Presents the Future


This is the very first post in 2010. If our life runs in a linear path, a beginning marks an end. People just comes and goes. A mixed feeling towards the end of Ugly Betty, I love it so much that I hope it will never end but it’s no doubt that the show lost it’s soul after the strike. But I still LOVE IT! And it will always in my mind.

2010 marks the end of two of my favorite shows “Nip Tuck” and “Ugly Betty”. They are like totally different genre of drama. But both got a common theme.

Sean/Christian’s most famous opening: Tell me what you don’t like about yourself? Our appearance counts. It’s something but not everything. It’s luck, it’s look, it’s destiny, it’s talent, it’s relationship, and it’s money, it’s fame…for all these, I don’t have much clue, but I do have faith that:

People can change for the better, and not only on the outside.

I will miss you America Ferrera!


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