Being Erica s01e03 – Plenty of Fish


Could we take the leap? Even there is risk, could we face the fear and get through it? That’s what Erica fear and being caught up about relationship.

Opening Dialogue : The first date is like a open house, the picture look great, the dimension are good and as you stand threshold you think, could this be it ? could this be the one ? You open the door full of anticipation, you walk in, and then you start to look into the details, the cracks in the wall, the weird that may thing, no, this isn’t for me.

Erica dated a new guy who seems smart and cute, but lied about his story. Erica was a bit disappointed. Erica then joined the school reunion and feels failures about herself since high school. And she decides to ask Ivan who recently a divorce and moved back to Toronto next to her, to be her fake boyfriend. Erica meets two people she hated the most one is Katie who is mean and competitive with Erica. The second one is Zack Creed who was the popular kid to whom Erica lost her virginity, but he humiliated her after that. At the same time, Erica had interview at River Rock of non-fiction department. an assistant entry level job. She meets Alex Berlin, an old classmate, who looks totally different as grown up. Dr. Tom sends her back to high school trip. Erica starts to make a revenge to Zack and lost her virginity to Alex instead. When she came back from time travel, she wants to develop with Alex who worked for training engineering. Katie then find out Ivan was the fake boyfriend of Erica and humiliates her of making up a fake boyfriend in front of Alex. Alex is disappointed and bearing know each other. He left because he was being cheated from a long relationship before and hated Erica lied on him. She meets Dr. Tom, Dr Tom explained to her, because she was afraid what come next, she knows the risk that lead to love that may cause pain, the fear of that pain, that what hold you back, it’s what you need to let go of. Erica said “what if that I can’t ?”

Dr. Tom ” that’s not the question, that’s not the question of what you can’t…taking a risk is like a jumping of the cliff, so leap into the unknown with absolutely no guarantee, ultimately Erica you just have to decide, you have to choose, how are you going to be, you could spend the rest of your life caught up in that fear, OK or you could face it, take the leap, see what comes.”

When she came back home, she and Ivan kisses with each other, will they develop a relationship ?

Ending Dialogue : Every Little Thing by Melanie Doane : Every little thing I do, Trickles down and lands on you, I don’t plan to get it wrong, Maybe keep your raincoat on.

Dr Tom Quotes at episode 3:
•Patient: Barbara ‘Barb’ Strange
•Life is so constructed that an event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation. – Charlotte Brontë

Soundtrack of the episode :

Old School by Hedley Erica and Noah go to the school reunion

Wheat Kings by Marco DiFelice & Trevor Yuile
(originally by The Tragically Hip)   I’m Too Sexy by Trevor Yuile & Joettes
(originally by Right Said Fred)

Two Princes by Spin Doctors add scene description

Girl With a Problem by The Northern Pikes add scene description

Pump Up the Volume by MARRS add scene description

Every Little Thing by Melanie Doane


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