Intel’s Bet on the `Internet of Things’ (from Bloomberg)


(via Bloomberg West )

Cory Johnson: What do you do in your job, what’s sort of your day-to-day ?

Ton Steenman: We really try to enable the internet thing for many of our customers. For them, it’s really about how do you unleash your business transformation with the new devices that they are connecting us.

Cory Johnson: So what does it means from day-to-day basis ? How do you try to jump start the market that doesn’t really exist or it’s only the beginning ?

Ton Steenman: Actually in fact the market has existed for a long time , think about wind farm, all of those wind farm should begin to be connected, you want to model their wind farm for individual basis, but also to be monitor wind farm or maybe multiple wind farm to the States, and if you look at all the data, bring the data into the cloud and big data analytics, it’s really what is all about.

Cory Johnson: So it’s not about just chips, or it’s about lot of thing, monitor things and then putting back the data into use big chips and little chips.

Ton Steenman: Exactly, and you know the power is really about the vital analytics, analytics are happened in the cloud, are really through driving and delivering business transformation, efficiency, it’s interesting mostly about business that can use the internet out of thing, they use, they spend about 36 trillion dollars to in operating expenses.

Cory Johnson: So how do you like, you have to think everything, caused they don’t know what is possible or do you want in the customer door, we try to make these thing happen, if you got these chips, you can do that ?

Ton Steenman: No we really make new things happen for them, very often, these company don’t know how to harvest big data and how to leverage that into the business transformation and if you think about the energy field, how can you get data out of the shop station instead of home, use that to optimize energy flow, when this is a huge transformation for those companies.

Cory Johnson: are this more a software questions, then commodize chips question?

Ton Steenman: The software is incredibly make this happen and as an example, 85% of the devices that we are talking about, actually sit in legacy infrastructure, so we are deciding…

Cory Johnson: What does that mean?

Ton Steenman: That means these device are all out there, how do you deliver.

Cory Johnson: So those device are out there.

Ton Steenman: Yes, what are the supply, it really about how do you bring the benefit to that to that, to those company, that is really the business transformation, you have to decide into this morning a number of different product and help these company do that.


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