The HP Acquisition That Actually Turned Out Well (from Bloomberg)


(via Bloomberg video : )

HP’s acquisition not always get the best press, Indigo is different, it make digital presses and packaging, publishing and pictures, and it’s proved a billion buy. By doing digitally what even to day is often done on traditional printing presses. Indigo has turned itself into one of HP fastest growing and most profitable businesses. former Indigo finance director Indigo has brought 12 years ago before, now in charge now. He said HP and Indigo work great fit. Acquisition in many cases fail because of the cultural misalignment, operational, misunderstanding. Frankly the first 3 years is not easy, but I think both HP and Indigo has strong vision, a strong commitment to the Indigo potential and strong commitment to the customers. Indigo cost HP less a billion dollars, and his growth sales 5 fold in 10 years. Otherwise the acquisition are not prove costly. In 2008, HP paid 13 billions for EDS and each then broke down 8 billion Palm for 3 billion hit. HP then pay 10 billions dollars for Autonomy and into write down 90% of the cost. Indigo has come to presses which can cost up to 2 billions dollars. There are expensive machine, there has been global installed base about 6 thousands unit, they have all 60% market share, there’s they been the share taker, so HP is executed very well with this acquisition. Being so big, Indigo has had to create new market to grow. Coke’s campaign to put a name to a billion bottle popular used Indigo prices. Other brand considering getting personal too. If only Indigo is got more than 1% of HP’s revenue, the company will be in much better place.



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