Can Whitman Reverse HP’s Fortunes? (from Bloomberg)


(via Bloomberg video:

Emily Chang: How convincing of she today in terms of the state of her business and her vision?

Alex Gauna: I think she and her other executive did a very good job of acknowledging the problem that HP has, the progress they made, articulating a very clear goals on getting to where they want to be, so I thought that is an encouraging presentation, I can understand why the stock reacted the way it did in additional to her presentation to the financial result that were pretty mature lead or encouraging as well, so I would say overall, it was a solid day and HP has made some solid progress.

Emily Chang: Share with us, 9% so far today, it was a third year on the job though, she said that she will turn the company around in 5 years, she said the company will return to grow next year, so is that 5 years plan, she still on target for that? Is there a new timeline?

Alex Gauna: Well as far as the benchmark that she set for herself and her team, the answer is Yes, and in fact, there are some encouraging development in real time, the company is back to market share leadership in PCs, they are tracking towards another good quarter, for at least you believe the services out there, the track those numbers, and they are doing this while the company that has a halo effect right now. Apple is on track for suffer of their consecutive quarter year over year decline in Macs.

Emily Chang: So what is the strategy? What is her active point, can you understand it? Can you point it down in one sentence?

Alex Gauna: So I think we are removing resources from those businesses that are irreversibly in decline, putting adequate but not too many resources into those businesses that are holding the line and at least in some way constructive to the business and really doubling down with those growth driving the company has in enterprise, in cloud, in enterprise class PCs in the light.

Emily Chang: She talks about new competitor in the PC market, Microsoft, Intel, I mean, they are all struggling, how can they compete with new competitors?

Alex Gauna: I think the good news for HP is that they acknowledge that upfront, this is not an easy fight, waiting right now 5 year turnaround, is not a quick turnaround, and acknowledging that they do have rivals, in Microsoft and in Intel, former partners, isn’t accurate itself in plain field. That’s the first step, understanding what your problem and challenge are, so they can address them in a constructive matter.

Emily Chang: There’s report that she is asking employee to come back into the office and not work from home, remember Marissa Mayer caused a big debate, when she did something similar at Yahoo, is this a smart move? Is what HP need?

Alex Gauna: So I don’t know of that memo really exist or not, but I will say this, in my experience see certain employee at HP as well as some of their rival take certain liberties with the virtual office type scenario, so her calling, her employees to accountability and show up is a very constructive policy, so I hope the memo is in fact true for the sake of the company.

Emily Chang: So where HP gonna to be this time next year?

Alex Gauna: I think it will be still in turnaround mode, I think it will be making progress, I think you will see them advance their cloud strategy, their enterprise strategy, I think you will see them be a bigger force in tablet, especially enterprise tablet, and those are all be good things, they will still be at the top of the food chain in printing.


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