$220: Monthly Cost of Parking at Amazon HQ (from Bloomberg)


(via Bloomberg video: http://www.bloomberg.com/video/-220-monthly-cost-of-parking-at-amazon-hq-OqaPkpV0SJGYtXsNrIFG5A.html )

Emily Chang: this time for the BWest Byte, now one number that tell a whole lot. What you got for us today ?

Jon Erlichman: Yeah, the BWest Byte today is $220 that’s how much monthly parking cost that Amazon Settle Headquarters, employee do get some of that money back $180 bugs of it, this is what’s cover story Amazon has hit bites, lack of company perks, including unsubsidized cafeteria food, and if you resign, I saw by this, you require to return the backpack that Amazon provides to you when you join the company, I mean seriously.

Emily Chang: I am not sure Amazon can get away with it as it based in Silicon Valley next to Google and Facebook.

Jon Erlichman: Yeah I mean, you know I guess the flip side is if you are an Amazon customer, you like those no-no prices that the thinking inside the company, everything I guess should be a little bit foogle.

Emily Chang: I know, and I guess when you are investor, upset about the slim margin, slim profit margin, that this should be a good news for you as well.


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