Twitter goes IPO & Alibaba Said to Hold Off on IPO Until 2014 (from Bloomberg)


(via Bloomberg video: )

Scarlet Fu : me starts with Twitter targeting a billion dollars plus IPO Michael Rogers watch the rate at least a billion dollars in its offering, and plan bankers of 3 and a quarter percent raising less money than Facebook but paying a higher fee rate, all of these according to with knowledge that matter, the road show which promote the deal will probably begin in the last week of October.

Scarlet Fu : Mean time Alibaba is waiting until next year. the Chinese ecommerce giant will go public in 2014 according to people with the knowledge of that matter, the company is moving according to US listing after talk with Hong Kong Exchange broke down by going public next year. Alibaba also gets the chance to engage the success  of Twitter IPO before it starts selling share itself as well


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