What Is BlackBerry Worth? (from Bloomberg)


(via Bloomberg video : http://www.bloomberg.com/video/what-is-blackberry-worth-_GydioCjS6iBl8wx61Y33A.html)

Deirdre Bolton : What is Blackberry worth ? It’s a big question.

Jon Erlichman : it is, and it is become a bigger question when you know the issue of financing is the real challenge for any of the interest buyers maybe. We know that there is a tentative offer on the table from the larger share holder from Blackberry Fairefax that seems to be we don’t know too much about what Fairfax is doing behind the scene. It seems to be dependent on finding interested party and joining up with that, even today the second largest pension fund in Canada, the head of that pension fund said they prefer to invest in more stable business than business like Blackberry. The other point of this week is the founder of the company Mike Lazaridis is interested potentially doing a deal along one of the other co-founders. But they come back from that financing issue. So Yes, to your point, we start to do some of the part of this business because, it seems like with the bank, there has been interested in exploring all potential options, and if the option is to find the home for different part of the business, what the potent portfolio of Blackberry worth, right, what the IP was for this business, what about this operating system they invest so much time and energy in and to launch their new device called Blackberry 10, and their operating system technology is used in a variety of areas, and then the subscriber based and is still worth a millions, I constant talked about smartphone battle among the globe, the market share breakdown between Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, if you were able to, you know, get apart of Blackberry business, maybe you could changed that overall story, but I think this is a very active and fast moving story, and it’s still difficult to say how exactly gonna play out.


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