Yahoo’s Q3 Earnings Beat Estimates (from Bloomberg)


(via Bloomberg video : )

Jon Erlichman : Well before we get to earning, will highlight Yahoo! just said that the maximum number of shares in Alibaba we talk so much about it valuable stake in Alibaba that will end up selling as part of the IPO has been reduced. Basically this is a way of them saying, technically, we can be selling a really big chunk of our stake, were technically now gonna able to sell a slightly smaller amount of that stake, almost suggest we are gonna still be long term investors in the business. Alibaba sort of sending that message as well, so that part of the news just crossed. As for the earning, they beat Wall Street estimates 34 cents per share, 33 cents estimate. The revenue basically in line with what Wall Street looking for around 1.08 billion dollars, we say all the time with Yahoo! that the revenue story doesn’t change, generally speaking, the quarterly revenue and that billion dollars range is a lot of money, but the challenge for Marissa Mayer the CEO has to find new ad dollars to better compete with the light of Facebook and Google, couple of trend highlight, the display revenue business, looks like it has been struggling, the year to year revenue, down to a hundred twenty one million dollars, the other part of the revenue is search four hundred and twenty six million from revenue which looks like an improvement, may give us couple of metrics, display ad business, they say the number of ad, they saw in total up from last year, the fight for ad however, a little bit lower, so I think they get a trend you know, it’s challenging to convince advertisers on display ad right now, there’s a lot of competition and headline story probably not a different on from Yahoo!, but the more important story, they are unlikely to sell as many shares as in Alibaba’s IPO. We keep watching


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