Bloomberg West Apr 7 – What has Andrew Mason Learned Since Leaving Groupon?


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We launched (Detour) actually about two months ago in the App Store. When we talked to that it was closed to beta we were doing. We’ve got 9 Detour launched just in the San Francisco and Bay area. Each one last about 45 minutes and it takes you through a different park of the city and hope it see it through somebody else’s eye. This is a very high quality walk where a tour guide is telling you where to go. Your phone is in your pocket the whole time.

We try to find somebody who were not just traditionally tour guide but people who are real members of the community, for example, we found a fishman and it takes you beind the tour and show you what life is really.

We did one incorporation with radio lab down in Austin for SXSW but other than that we are just in San Fancisco.

(The favorite tour) they are all different. There is one we did recently that I think is really interesting that’s actually about trash. And it takes your down to the bayfill area of San Fancisco. There are a lot of trash processing happened. And he talks about the city’s goal be landfill neutral by the end of the decade. But it’s not what you typically think about when you go on a tour but it’s an amazing experience when you really learn a lot and you really entertain. It’s an example of the type of way trying to push the media.

(how big is the market) I’ve never thought of the thing in that way, if someobody ask how big is the market was for Groupon at the very begining, I don’t think they will predict that we will have a 5 billion dollar company today. I just think about this is somebody people want, is that somebody that I want and this is the idea that I had whenever I would travel even back before Groupon and feeling that it’s better way then being in a tour group, a batch of people that you don’t really know, trap in this three hours experience. There has been a better way to learn about this places that allow people to explore and technology is finally reaching the tipping point where you can put the phone in your pocket provide this kind of experience.


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