Apple Updates GarageBand With New Instruments and Sounds to Celebrate Chinese Music


This article is from MacRumors

Apple today announced a major update to its GarageBand music creation software for Mac and iOS, adding a wide range of Chinese instruments that are designed to celebrate the “rich history of Chinese music.” Today’s update also includes “extensive Chinese language localization.”

蘋果公司今天宣布了一項的重大更新到Mac和iOS的GarageBand音樂創作軟件,添加廣泛的中國樂器,旨在慶祝 “中國音樂的豐富的歷史。”今天的更新還包括“廣泛的中國語言包。”

In a press release, Apple says the update adds traditional Chinese instruments like the pipa and erhu, plus Chinese percussion offerings that include drums, wood blocks, cymbals, and gongs. 300 Apple-created Chinese musical loops have also been added to the apps.


“GarageBand is the most popular music creation app in the world and we’re excited to introduce these new features that incorporate the rich history of traditional Chinese music,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Product Marketing. “By adding classic Chinese instruments and new Live Loop templates, the new GarageBand app makes it fun and easy to make Chinese-inspired music right on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.”

“GarageBand中是世界上最流行的音樂創作應用程序,我們很高興推出結合了中國傳統音樂的豐富歷史這些新功能,” Susan Prescott 蘋果公司產品營銷副總裁說。 “通過增加中國古典樂器和新的現場循環(Live Loop)的模板,新的GarageBand應用程序,使你更有趣味性和容易在iPhone,iPad或Mac製造中國風格的音樂。”

The new instruments are available on both the iOS and Mac versions of GarageBand, and each instrument includes different playing articulations like rapid picking and note bend for the pipa and trill, grace note, and glissando for the erhu.

GarageBand的iOS和Mac版本上都可用的新的工具,每個樂器都包含不同的播放關節(playing articulations)像琵琶和顫音,裝飾音,和對二胡滑音及兩者的快速採摘(rapid picking)和音符轉奏(note bend) 。

Apple-created loops have been created from a wide variety of instruments and styles, including guzheng, dizi, yangqin and Peking Opera, which can be combined with the new instruments for a unique sound. GarageBand for iOS also includes two new Chinese templates for Live Loops and new sharing options for popular Chinese social networks.

蘋果是從各種樂器和風格,創作出循環曲 (loop),包括古箏,笛子,揚琴和京劇,它可以結合新的儀器創作出一個獨特的聲音。 GarageBand的iOS版還包括對現場循環(Live Loops)和新的共享選項兩個新的中國社交網絡功能。

All of the new features in today’s update are automatically enabled in Greater China and for Mac users outside of Greater China. On iOS devices outside of Greater China, the features can be enabled through the advanced settings menu.


Chinese musician JJ Lin posted a YouTube video of himself using the new GarageBand app for iOS with Tim Cook, which Tim Cook tweeted.

其中Tim Cook 推文,分享中國音樂家 JJ Lin與他使用iOS新的GarageBand應用程序的YouTube視頻。

Apple has been aiming to express its support for China in recent weeks following hints of regulatory trouble in the country. Apple is reportedly being targeted for being “too deeply established” in China’s core industries and recently saw iTunes Movies and iBooks Stores in the country shut down following the Hong Kong iTunes release of the controversial independent movie Ten Years, which had been banned in China.


Apple recently announced a $1 billion investment in Chinese ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing, and this morning, he visited the country to meet with Didi Chuxing president Jean Liu. Cook also met with App Store developers at an Apple Store in Beijing.

蘋果最近宣布將在中國投資十億的 Didi Chuxing 乘車共享公司,今天上午,他訪問了該國與Didi Chuxing 主席Jean Liu見面,Cook也在北京蘋果商店會見了App Store的開發者。



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