An Impossible Dream – Ratatouille

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切勿錯過 “Ratatouille“,必看的動畫電影! 很喜歡故事的主題,就是一隻老鼠的 “Impossible dream”。老鼠本是廚師/廚房最可怕的敵人,但他卻夢想成為一個出色的法國廚師,他能夠成功?看看就知! 是 Disney 和 Pixar 合作的作品,還有 The Incredibles 的 Director,必定很富娛樂性。不知香港幾時上映呢? 暫時欣賞一下它的 Concept Arts Fun Facts!  記住看最下的 video,還有官方網頁!

Oh! What is “Ratatouille“(rat-a-too-ee)? It’s a French vegetable stew. The movie is about an impossible dream of a rat – to become a French chef. You should never miss this movie, a production from Disney+Pixar with the director of The Incredibles. The website is fun! I love all the concept art  too. Remember to watch the trailor and production videos at the bottom!

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9-Minute Preview of Pixar’s RATATOUILLE!

Disney Channel Ratatouille Sneak Peek

Ratatouille Rough Animation Test: Emile’s Magic Trick 


Microsoft Surface


微軟剛發表了一種新科技,名為”Surface“,看看官方的短片你使可知道更多。 真的可以推出或普及嗎? 那要恜目以待。

Is it because Bill Gates steps down from the full time role? Or the change of technology? Competitiveness between sliverlight and Flex/Apollo?  Or the advance developme of Flash? Or the return and the success of Apple/Mac/iPod? It seems that Microsoft became more visual and multimedia-fous than before.

Microsoft just introduced a new technology category and a user-interface revolution called “Surface“. Take a look at the official flash video and you will know more. Video speaks louder than words. But is it deliverable? We will know later.

My favourite scene inside the video is that you put a glass on “Surface” and there is words and bubbles around…..LOL!

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Infographical Movie of nuclear technology

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I love all the sexy and colorful visuals.  Here is a very good infographical movie illustrating  the principles of nuclear technology for a French energy company.

Hmm….For me, nuclear technology is quite dangerous somehow. I still remembered the horrible scenes of the Chernobyl Disaster  TV news report in 1986 when I was  still a little kid.  Anyone still remember this accident? Nowadays, most of our electricity is generated in this way already. Could be have other greener and safer alternatives?

Don’t miss the “Get the Glass!” interactive game!


你玩了 Get the Glass 沒有? 就是你不喜歡玩 games ,也萬勿錯過這一個製作出色的網上遊戲,你將會迷上遊戲內精美細緻的動畫及有趣的遊戲情節!

In fact, several design site has introduced this “Get the Glass”  interactive game. But I can’t help but featuring this game in my blog, which is in excellent design, cool animation and interactive motion graphics . It is an outstanding project created by a Swedish-based web studio – North Kingdom.

The story of the game: Got Milk? asks you to help the Adachi family steal milk from “Milkatraz Island”.

My favorite: I love the dice throwing, police car chasing, prison breaking and fortune card drawing inside the game! The animiation is absolutely awesome and gorgeous.