Apple’s plan to start manufacturing in India

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Apple wrote to India’s industry ministry in Dec 2016 seeking lower import and manufacturing duties. Apple’s plan towards a bigger slice of Indian sales has encountered challenges due the India’s policy whith requires at least 30% of components to be made locally before a foreign company can sell through their own outlets. Provided that Apple makes most of its products in China, Apple doesn’t meet that criteria.

Thanks to the “Make in India”policy, Apple wants to start another round of discussion with the tax department on the future liability on its India earnings.

If this new plan is going to happen, the biggest impact will be on the Foxconn Technology Group – Apple’s main manufacturing partner in China. Most iPhones are put together in China by Foxconn.



如果這個新計劃將要發生,受最大影響的將是富士康科技集團 – 蘋果在中國的主要製造合作夥伴。大多數iPhone都是是由富士康在中國製造。



Yahoo’s Q3 Earnings Beat Estimates (from Bloomberg)


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Jon Erlichman : Well before we get to earning, will highlight Yahoo! just said that the maximum number of shares in Alibaba we talk so much about it valuable stake in Alibaba that will end up selling as part of the IPO has been reduced. Basically this is a way of them saying, technically, we can be selling a really big chunk of our stake, were technically now gonna able to sell a slightly smaller amount of that stake, almost suggest we are gonna still be long term investors in the business. Alibaba sort of sending that message as well, so that part of the news just crossed. As for the earning, they beat Wall Street estimates 34 cents per share, 33 cents estimate. The revenue basically in line with what Wall Street looking for around 1.08 billion dollars, we say all the time with Yahoo! that the revenue story doesn’t change, generally speaking, the quarterly revenue and that billion dollars range is a lot of money, but the challenge for Marissa Mayer the CEO has to find new ad dollars to better compete with the light of Facebook and Google, couple of trend highlight, the display revenue business, looks like it has been struggling, the year to year revenue, down to a hundred twenty one million dollars, the other part of the revenue is search four hundred and twenty six million from revenue which looks like an improvement, may give us couple of metrics, display ad business, they say the number of ad, they saw in total up from last year, the fight for ad however, a little bit lower, so I think they get a trend you know, it’s challenging to convince advertisers on display ad right now, there’s a lot of competition and headline story probably not a different on from Yahoo!, but the more important story, they are unlikely to sell as many shares as in Alibaba’s IPO. We keep watching

Expedia Shifting Focus to Mobile Bookings (from Bloomberg)


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Dara Khosrowshahi : We are thinking about how we develop the Google glass, I think Google glass for us is gonna be more a platform for notification, I think we are continue to using a glass for example to book a trip, but if they had booked the trip for example on the Expedia mobile app, you are gonna get the notices that’s on what gate your flight is, leaving from, whether is it there is a delay or not, we build the technology, so that those same notifications can easily go to a Google glass or someone’s watches etc. so now with the proliferation of devices coming out there, you have to build your technology with very flexible architecture, so that this kind of notices can be send to basically any devices, anyone can imagine out there, you build that architecture, so now is about coding that specific hardware spec, so we like where we are at, I do see we are having a Google glass app, and pretty soon earlier or later.

Jon Erlichman : Interesting, what about the competitive environment right now. Wallstreet is paying attention to a new analytical report from Deschutes Bank, in which it said there is much more tense competition in the US market and it make it concern about your business. How would you describe your competitive market right now on how Expedia fit in to that ?

Dara Khosrowshahi : Well it’s a very competitive market, but it’s a very competitive market because it’s an anonymous market, travel is over trillion dollars global market place out there, there are a number of players out there, I say right now the advantage with all on players, and there is plenty room for one winner there, but company like ourselves over a long period of time, we are gonna gain shares, we have investigate shares, we gonna have great product to gain that kind of share. but we think the long term trend are very very good. And within the overall leisure trend, first part of travel become online, but we see great potential with corporate travel coming online, and we are specially excited about an acquisition, corporate travel tool. A tone of money by driving more user online, consumer business don’t need all an agent, but at the same time, they can get high class services for the really complex travel as well, so we like both of those transformation for long term prospective.

Jon Erlichman : When new technology allow for new ideas or concepts to build and grow. Sometimes, there can be issue, regulatory issue. AirBnB has been a battle in New York, I love to give your take on the AirBnB business.

Dara Khosrowshahi : We think this is a great business, it’s a new way for consumer to bring on new inventory for consumer to use and I think clearly like that new inventory, it’s a fairly small segment consumer out there, but I use the AirBnB to book a Paris vacation for my mum, she’s staying at Paris for a couple week, so it’s a great product to think over a long period of time, the Loft are going to catch up with AirBnB etc. So that’s what I mean, when I say it’s a big market, it’s a trillion market place, you are gonna a lot of companies to succeed, the company like ours, the company like AirBnB, there is one company wasn’t competitor Trirago that we bought, about technology. So we have to be prepare for new entrance and we absolutely think that these new entrance is gonna to grow, gonna grow very big.

Jon Erlichman : So can you give me a sense on that note, How much money did you set aside for potential quickly quickly growing companies that you might be interested in buying?

Dara Khosrowshahi : Well, the most recent example for us Trirago, which is a hotel match software, which we spend over 600 million dollars for majority acquisition of that company, we still partner with the founder, our company is very cash generative, last we have most billion dollars cash flow, so this give us the flexibility to invest both the growing business organically, we also bought back shares, but also acquiring necessarily, so I think all three of those is gonann to play a part for long term growth agenda of the company

What Is BlackBerry Worth? (from Bloomberg)


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Deirdre Bolton : What is Blackberry worth ? It’s a big question.

Jon Erlichman : it is, and it is become a bigger question when you know the issue of financing is the real challenge for any of the interest buyers maybe. We know that there is a tentative offer on the table from the larger share holder from Blackberry Fairefax that seems to be we don’t know too much about what Fairfax is doing behind the scene. It seems to be dependent on finding interested party and joining up with that, even today the second largest pension fund in Canada, the head of that pension fund said they prefer to invest in more stable business than business like Blackberry. The other point of this week is the founder of the company Mike Lazaridis is interested potentially doing a deal along one of the other co-founders. But they come back from that financing issue. So Yes, to your point, we start to do some of the part of this business because, it seems like with the bank, there has been interested in exploring all potential options, and if the option is to find the home for different part of the business, what the potent portfolio of Blackberry worth, right, what the IP was for this business, what about this operating system they invest so much time and energy in and to launch their new device called Blackberry 10, and their operating system technology is used in a variety of areas, and then the subscriber based and is still worth a millions, I constant talked about smartphone battle among the globe, the market share breakdown between Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, if you were able to, you know, get apart of Blackberry business, maybe you could changed that overall story, but I think this is a very active and fast moving story, and it’s still difficult to say how exactly gonna play out.

135 San Fran Tech Companies Presenting at OpenCoSF (from Bloomberg)


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Cory Johnson : There are 135 San Francisco tech companies presenting for the distributed crowded OpenCoSF, San Francisco tech conference, they standing here right now, Emily.

Emily Chang : Thanks for coming guys

Cory Johnson : We are glad to have them, Jon, how biggest crowd it is and OpenCoSF inside out technology company, attend this , go to the company, hard to imagine somebody from San Francisco companies.

Emily Chang : Hey really, here is an interesting model for conference, Jon you really missing now and all the fun up here.



Google’s Risky Move to Add More User Photos to Ads (from Bloomberg)


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Emily Chang : Is it a good move or dangerous move ?

Nicholas Thompson : It’s both, I mean it’s inadvertable, and Google makes money selling advertising, they have incredible data from users and they want to be able to using users’ picture and endorsement in front of those users friends, is a great way for their advertisers to get high value in their advertisement, so something Google gonna do is that something that Facebook has sort of done, so yes, it’s a good move they have to do, still get the money from it. It’s also dangerous though, it creaks some people out but Google to it’s great credit has made it’s very easy to opt out, has been pretty clear about what’s happening has told everybody what’s going on, on like what’s facebook has done in the past, but still, lots of the people are gonna opt out, who won’t opt out, so they are gonna to see picture in an advertisement and it’s gonna make them feel very weird because it’s not how they initially intended, whatever they said their company appear to elsewhere.

Emily Chan : Exactly, if you do opt out, you do get a sort of guilty message that said, when you disable the setting, your friends will be less likely to benefit from your recommendations. Nick, Yes, user are given the opportunity to opt out, but what about the people who realize that and don’t opt out simply because they don’t know.

Nicholas Thompson : Right, it’s funny, how do you know Emily, I am guessing because you opted out earlier today.

Emily Chan : no comment.

Nicholas Thompson : The people who don’t know how to opt out, it’s gonna be complicated, some of them will be thrilled, right, they will write little comment in Google+ and they like say Taylor guitar and running shoes, and they will be thrilled their little picture comes out in front of the other friends’ Google+ stream saying, you know, Joe loves A6 cute Taylor guitar, oh I think that’s cool, my pictures going out, my friends are seeing, I love these brand, associate with this brand. Another people will say, wait a second, that’s strange, that’s not what I meant, and wait, so A6 just pay Google money to use my picture of saying something, that’s a little strange too. So it’s gonna be a hard balance, Google gonna be made it for very easy for people to sort of quickly flag something, quickly opt out and so that the people who are frustrated by them are able to back out of it, there’s gonna be some tension.

Emily Chang: How does there compare to move Facebook has made in the past, regarding advertising, is that any different? is that better or more user-friendly?

Nicholas Thompson : Well, the way Facebook used to do, they will just change the term of services and suddenly think you thought you set the private setting is suddenly send to public setting or the thing you thought couldn’t be seen by advertiser, will suddenly see by advertiser. That’s changed, this is the old Facebook, the old Facebook was sort of changed the terms of service and suddenly oh my god what do my picture and my children doing there, ever since Facebook gated by the government, they have been much clearer, so Google is kinda of acting like the new Facebook, not the old Facebook in this case.

Emily Chang : So Nick how impactful it gonna to be? How many people are really using Google+?

Nicholas Thompson : we don’t know, I mean, to Google put out number, and there you know, extraordinary numbers, several hundreds million people are using Google+, some people using Google+ within services itself, other people using Google+ as Google+ login in Youtube, and another partner site, and another part of the Google empire. Google can make it very convincing case that even though you may not know what kind of people using Google+ , it’s growing quite rapidly and like android, it will suddenly take over the world. I personally using Google+ power users, because we use it at the New York all kind of work thing, I like, I like the circle feature and all that but it’s also the case that there aren’t not many people I know who aren’t using this service, so it’s hard to tell, it’s critic you say, it’s waste land and another people who say it’s going quickly pretty cool. So I think the jury still on it.

Twitter goes IPO & Alibaba Said to Hold Off on IPO Until 2014 (from Bloomberg)


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Scarlet Fu : me starts with Twitter targeting a billion dollars plus IPO Michael Rogers watch the rate at least a billion dollars in its offering, and plan bankers of 3 and a quarter percent raising less money than Facebook but paying a higher fee rate, all of these according to with knowledge that matter, the road show which promote the deal will probably begin in the last week of October.

Scarlet Fu : Mean time Alibaba is waiting until next year. the Chinese ecommerce giant will go public in 2014 according to people with the knowledge of that matter, the company is moving according to US listing after talk with Hong Kong Exchange broke down by going public next year. Alibaba also gets the chance to engage the success  of Twitter IPO before it starts selling share itself as well