Retake the Saving Private Ryan Beach scene yourself

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我喜歡科技的原因是,它不但可以改變世界!還把”假”的變得太真了。有了科技,你也可以用低成本重拍 “雷霆救兵”的沙灘打杖場面。不要錯過這短片!

The reason why I love technology is that it can change the world. It can create things that you can never never imagine or make things that only can see in your mind only!

But sometimes, you just can’t believe that technology has already make our world become too good to be “unreal”! Watch this amazing video. If you want to refilm a war fighting scenes with armies, warships and explosion yourself. YOU CAN DO IT NOW with the support of technology.

Watch this video. The budget is relatively low (you don’t need to hire a lot of people and control the crowds), provided that you have a powerful computer for the post production & excellent graphic/SFX designers. Here is the recipe from the video:

3 graphic designers(also the actors) + car +  costume,rope&guns + video camcorder + special effect postproduction


Tune Glue – Visualize Artist/Music Network by infographics


在 Amazon 你可以從”Better Together” 及 “Customer who got this item also bought”兩項找到你喜歡歌手的相音樂/歌手的唱片封套。Tune Glue 則以網絡圖來展示你要尋找的相關歌手資料,你也試試看!

Oops! 但不支援中文! Tune Glue 的資料是來自 Last FM 及 Amazon 。不知 Yesasia/HMV/HK Record 會否考慮開始相關的 Application ,給他們的網上顧客一種新體驗,令亞洲音樂搜尋式變得更有趣! 不再是只有 Banner 和 Album Cover!

When you purchase your favourite CDs at Amazon, you also want to know whether there is similar not-yet-discover artist/album matches your music taste as well.
In Amazon(see below), you got “Better Together” and “Customer who got this item also bought” CD covers.

Explore Tune Glue now ! Tune Glue use network graphics to visualize the music/artist information. Type the artist name>>ENTER>>then click the black circle>>click EXPAND(for releated artist) or click RELEASE (for albums info).

Let’s search your favourite artist now with Tune Glue. Oops! It doesn’t support CHINESE. As Tune Glue’s database is provided by Last FM and Amazon. Will Yesasia/HMV/HK Record  consider to develop something like this for Asian Music? Yeah! make us of infographics and make our music search more interesting.


Inspirational TED talk – Design Patterns from John Maeda


你是否覺得現在的生活太繁複了?每天有太多資訊要爭奪你的注意力。因為太多選擇了,就是食飯、買東西,以致坐車都是件很麻煩的事。更何況是上那一個手電網絡公司台、寬頻公司、MPF 組合、投資/保險策略等等。以前我們的生活,還沒有那麼多選擇時,不是簡單得多嗎? 看看 以下 John Maeda 有趣而又富啟發性的 17 分鐘 TED 演講,你或可從中,得到如何把生活看得/變得”簡單”的方法。

We are living in the world with information all competed for our attention. How can we not to be overloaded from too much information? Everything become much more complicated now. Simple stuff like eating, shopping and transportation,  become a trouble for us because of too many options and choices; so do our ISP, cellphone/telecom plan, MPF scheme, investment/insurance package etc. Can we have “Simple Life” as the old days? Not the Paris Hilton type of “Simple” because, I guess, not many of us that rich yet, maybe some of our readers are, who knows, LOL! Watch John Maede’s TED talk below, it is only 17 mins. An insipirational, insightful and interesting presentation about his experience and feeling about “simplicity”.

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I love what he said “Enjoy everything in the world” and you will find that “Simplicity & Happiness” is not that hard.

Here is an abstracture of the 10 Laws from his book: “The Laws of Simplicity”(via John Maeda’s blog) . My favorite is “Learn”(Law4), “Emotion”(Law7) and “Make Meaning”(Law10).

Law1 – Reduce: The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.
Law2 – Organize: Organization makes a system of many appear fewer.
Law3 – Time: Savings in time feel like simplicity.
Law4 – Learn: Knowledge makes everything simpler.
Law5 – Difference: Simplicity and complexity need each other.
Law6 – Context: What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral.

Law7 – Emotion: More emotions are better than less.
Law8 – Trust: In simplicity we trust.
Law9 – Failure: Some things can never be made simple.

Law10 – The One: Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.

Infographical Movie of nuclear technology

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I love all the sexy and colorful visuals.  Here is a very good infographical movie illustrating  the principles of nuclear technology for a French energy company.

Hmm….For me, nuclear technology is quite dangerous somehow. I still remembered the horrible scenes of the Chernobyl Disaster  TV news report in 1986 when I was  still a little kid.  Anyone still remember this accident? Nowadays, most of our electricity is generated in this way already. Could be have other greener and safer alternatives?