KPOP MV of the Day: Mac Joc – Free Hair


Artists: Mac Joc (맥작)
Song title : Free Hair (두발자유화)
Single: Education Innovation (2007 Jan)
MV story: Dolls inside a toy store are all made with the same look, one day they saw a girls outside changes hair styles always and l0oks so cool. They want to make their own choice just like the girl and break free. Can they fight for their destiny? Will they be destroyed by the
“killer machine” inside the store and get out?  



Hyori Lee’s Samsung Music Video Series


李孝利共為 Samsung 拍了一系列以跳舞為題的 Music Videos ,包括 “Anymotion”,”Anyclubs Pt1 及 Pt2” 和 “Anystar”,非常精彩。現在來一口氣把它們看完!

(1) Hyori – 1st Samsung MTV – AnyMotion

(2) Hyori – 2nd Samsung MTV – Anyclub (pt.2 0f 2) feat. 權相佐

(3) Hyori – 2nd Samsung MTV – Anyclub (pt.1 0f 2) feat. 神話的 Eric

(4) Hyori – 3rd Samsung MTV – Anystar feat. 李準基