Remixing the youtube =


Remixing, remixing and remixing.

Take a look at ! Unbelievable ! He remixes youtube videos of the people how sing and play instrutments around the world into visually interesting and audially entertaining clips. Check it out.

My favorite:
track 01 – The mother of all funk chords
track 05 – someday
track 08 – about (meet the talent creater here!)


KPOP MV of the Day: Mac Joc – Free Hair


Artists: Mac Joc (맥작)
Song title : Free Hair (두발자유화)
Single: Education Innovation (2007 Jan)
MV story: Dolls inside a toy store are all made with the same look, one day they saw a girls outside changes hair styles always and l0oks so cool. They want to make their own choice just like the girl and break free. Can they fight for their destiny? Will they be destroyed by the
“killer machine” inside the store and get out?  


Tune Glue – Visualize Artist/Music Network by infographics


在 Amazon 你可以從”Better Together” 及 “Customer who got this item also bought”兩項找到你喜歡歌手的相音樂/歌手的唱片封套。Tune Glue 則以網絡圖來展示你要尋找的相關歌手資料,你也試試看!

Oops! 但不支援中文! Tune Glue 的資料是來自 Last FM 及 Amazon 。不知 Yesasia/HMV/HK Record 會否考慮開始相關的 Application ,給他們的網上顧客一種新體驗,令亞洲音樂搜尋式變得更有趣! 不再是只有 Banner 和 Album Cover!

When you purchase your favourite CDs at Amazon, you also want to know whether there is similar not-yet-discover artist/album matches your music taste as well.
In Amazon(see below), you got “Better Together” and “Customer who got this item also bought” CD covers.

Explore Tune Glue now ! Tune Glue use network graphics to visualize the music/artist information. Type the artist name>>ENTER>>then click the black circle>>click EXPAND(for releated artist) or click RELEASE (for albums info).

Let’s search your favourite artist now with Tune Glue. Oops! It doesn’t support CHINESE. As Tune Glue’s database is provided by Last FM and Amazon. Will Yesasia/HMV/HK Record  consider to develop something like this for Asian Music? Yeah! make us of infographics and make our music search more interesting.


Join now! Bjork announces music video competition


Click and Join now!

Bjork 邀請她的 fans 為她的新歌製作 music video,你有興趣參加嗎? Check it out!

Bjork is going to release his new album “Volta” in U.S. on May 8. Bjork is inviting her fans to direct their own music video for the innocent track off the upcoming album. But the video needs to be ready at the beginning of August. Bjork will choose the winner and collaborate with the winner to complete the video. You must submit the video in a resonable sized quicktime format at the beginning of July. Download the creative tools in the link above. It is not necessary to use them, you can create your own.

Hyori Lee’s Samsung Music Video Series


李孝利共為 Samsung 拍了一系列以跳舞為題的 Music Videos ,包括 “Anymotion”,”Anyclubs Pt1 及 Pt2” 和 “Anystar”,非常精彩。現在來一口氣把它們看完!

(1) Hyori – 1st Samsung MTV – AnyMotion

(2) Hyori – 2nd Samsung MTV – Anyclub (pt.2 0f 2) feat. 權相佐

(3) Hyori – 2nd Samsung MTV – Anyclub (pt.1 0f 2) feat. 神話的 Eric

(4) Hyori – 3rd Samsung MTV – Anystar feat. 李準基 

Flash Dance, JLo & Hyori Lee


中國人有句話 : “橋唔怕舊,最緊要受!

前人有很多東西都是歷久常新、百看/百聽不厭。FlashDance 是 1983 的電影,相常喜歡跳舞的人都一定看過。故事很簡單,內容是一個女主角日間在地盤做苦力賺錢維生,晚間則在酒吧為理想而跳舞。其中一場經典舞戲是在櫈上跳舞再以水淋身。

有關跳舞的電影很多時,橋段也如 FlashDance一樣,就是人們為了生活只好放棄跳舞,若繼續為理想,只好把跳舞當成為興趣或兼職。跳舞電影,如 “Honey“、”Step Up” 也是這個路線,之前有提及的 Reality TV – DanceLife 也是頗相同。好像很消極似的,但是故事的背後/最後,其實也告訴觀眾,堅持理想的重要,有成功的可能,也令更多人喜歡跳舞,給他們動力去學習舞蹈。

而現實呢? 當然要成為一個全職的 Dancer 不是一件易的事 ,尤其是在香港,對很多人來說,跳舞從來都不是一種職業(Profession) ,只是一種興趣 ! 在商業的社會,藝術從來不是文化,而是消閑娛樂。那是一件可悲的事! 我很幸運地,在身邊有很多很有 “Passion” 的舞者 。

Let me share with you the ever-lasting theme with lots of dance scenes.  Enjoy the clips below. I recommend you to watch it from the bottom to the Top (from clip 4 to clip 1) .

Why? Hope I can explain it well….some people said Hyori Lee “copied” JLO.(P.S I don’t mind coz I still like sexy diva Hyori).  Then, Hyori sang JLO’s I’m Glad with FlashDance dancing scene at a live performance(clip1).  JLO procduced the music video”I’m Glad”(clip3) based on FlashDance story, which she was in sued by the Flashdance copyright owner. And Hyori’s Anyclub MV(clip2)  got the same story plot as the FlashDance original Movie(clip4).

clip1 – Hyori Lee – I’m Glad Live

clip2 – Hyori Lee – Anymotion

clip3 – Jennifer Lopez – I’m Glad

clip4 – Flash Dance (1983) dance intro