Retake the Saving Private Ryan Beach scene yourself

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我喜歡科技的原因是,它不但可以改變世界!還把”假”的變得太真了。有了科技,你也可以用低成本重拍 “雷霆救兵”的沙灘打杖場面。不要錯過這短片!

The reason why I love technology is that it can change the world. It can create things that you can never never imagine or make things that only can see in your mind only!

But sometimes, you just can’t believe that technology has already make our world become too good to be “unreal”! Watch this amazing video. If you want to refilm a war fighting scenes with armies, warships and explosion yourself. YOU CAN DO IT NOW with the support of technology.

Watch this video. The budget is relatively low (you don’t need to hire a lot of people and control the crowds), provided that you have a powerful computer for the post production & excellent graphic/SFX designers. Here is the recipe from the video:

3 graphic designers(also the actors) + car +  costume,rope&guns + video camcorder + special effect postproduction


An Impossible Dream – Ratatouille

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切勿錯過 “Ratatouille“,必看的動畫電影! 很喜歡故事的主題,就是一隻老鼠的 “Impossible dream”。老鼠本是廚師/廚房最可怕的敵人,但他卻夢想成為一個出色的法國廚師,他能夠成功?看看就知! 是 Disney 和 Pixar 合作的作品,還有 The Incredibles 的 Director,必定很富娛樂性。不知香港幾時上映呢? 暫時欣賞一下它的 Concept Arts Fun Facts!  記住看最下的 video,還有官方網頁!

Oh! What is “Ratatouille“(rat-a-too-ee)? It’s a French vegetable stew. The movie is about an impossible dream of a rat – to become a French chef. You should never miss this movie, a production from Disney+Pixar with the director of The Incredibles. The website is fun! I love all the concept art  too. Remember to watch the trailor and production videos at the bottom!

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