Twitter Grows Up: What’s Changing Now? (from Bloomberg)


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Jon Erlichman : Yeah I think people is the key here, the story you are gonna hear from twitter executives, two potential investors on the IPO roadshow is a very different story than those early years of Twitter and we spoken to a lot of former and current twitter employees over the last few months. This is a company that hasn’t changed in large part because of the people that they are there. Dick Costolo, the CEO, is somebody who is first and early invest but has receive relatively high match for leading the charge, and there are variety executives that we could highlight but for the time, you got Adam Bain who is the guy who’s focus on generating all the revenue there, Ali Rowghani who came from Pixar to be CFO and now COO Katie Jacobs Stanton who’s been leading the international charge. And we have reporters here on Bloomberg West, it’s the company that may soon double it’s office space in San Francisco which means you are hiring more people and the pushing to all sort of new areas is gonna continue basically bringing out what twitter really is.


Emily Chang : Now Jon twitter also made quite a few acquisitions over the year, I am not sure that’s also change the made-up of this company.

Jon Erlichman : Yeah, and one of the most popular ways to get your hands on talent is through acquisition they like to call them “acqui hire”. Twitter has done in the neighborhood of 14 deals over the last 4 years, spending more than a half billion dollars. The reason purchases of Mopub and Bluefin more pricy deals which really help to better connect them with matter of revenue when get advertiser, the right kind of facetime they want with Twitter users. But you think about deals like Vine with all of a sudden made an interesting Twitter and Vine, Facebook and Instagram story. And even in the beginning, the purchase of Summize, allow them to bring search capability to Twitter, if you think about what the power of Twitter has become, it’s all the data that is there, remember that we saw that’s one filing, Most Twitter revenue comes from advertising but a chunk of it 30% comes of licensing all that data to advertise and marketers, companies that are trying to make sense of all that Twitter talk is out there.